Horse Logic is owned by Sharon Smith MSc SEBC(Reg) IEng BHSAPC

We're developing ground-breaking technologies, like Open-Ration and Define  revolutionise horse-keeping for you, your horse, the environment, researchers and rural economy.

What is Open-Ration?
A cloud-based service designed to take the guesswork out of exercise tracking and nutrition.  'OPEN' stands for 'Optimising Pasture for Equine Nutrition'. We think 'Optimising' is an important concept.... 
Optimising for cost, for your time and effort, for your individual horse and their individual management and for your location.    

What is Define?
Define is a completely new, patent-pending, electronic device that horses can wear 24/7.  It puts YOU at the centre of the decision making.  It can save worry, undue expense, and even save the horse's life.  It can increase engagement between professionals and owners and offers connectivity on a level not seen before in the horse industry.  Prototypes are being evaluated, and thanks to InnovateUK grant funding we intend to launch the product in 2018.
Other initiatives are in development - but we won't bore you with the details here.... however.... Are you an environmentally pro-active and ethical company? Confident your products and services truly benefit owners and promote welfare-friendly horse-management?  
We'd LOVE to help you help owners too!

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