If you could SAVE £800 per horse per year, how would you reinvest it?  That's what we calculated we could save a trainer on the feed bill for just ONE racehorse in training, compared with the manufacturer's recommended ration... 

What do you need?....

  • horses weighed and nutrition advice
  • science-based editorial
  • a helping hand with product development
  • ideas for tackling performance-limiting stress in your horses
  • Resolve a behaviour problem 
  • Pasture and land management advice for horse welfare and good behaviour
No-one else does what we do

We could make things slicker, easier, cheaper and better for yourself and the horses and people on the yard.  We call it 'optimisation'.


Pentalib ltd. is our new official name and reflects our commitment to the Five Freedoms ('Pent'&'Lib') of animal welfare using our own unique behaviour monitors. 

The absence of disease, pain and fear is not the same as 'happiness' and positive welfare.  We want farmers and equestrians to be able to reap the financial benefits and satisfaction of providing optimal environment and management for positive welfare.

But also, controlling the variables of environment and conditions in large animal studies is a constant battle.  What if you could observe many individuals, simultaneously, on large properties, under equal conditions, for months - and not have to review the same CCTV footage over and over again?

Having delivered a successful InnovateUK grant funded project, we are currently  seeking academic partners and research institutes keen for a step-change increase in the observation power of their research.

Equine Behaviour Affiliation - Foundation Course provider (Southern England)

  • Nutrition and body condition scoring talks for horse owners, clubs, camps, shows and academia
  • Guest lectures and equine practical demos
  • Equine research support: with or without our behaviour monitor: Define
  • 'Neuroanatomy in a nutshell' workshop
  • 'Good science/bad science' workshop
  • Evidence-based short 'Horse Behaviour' courses
    • Social behaviour
    • Environment and behaviour
    • Recognising Fear and Pain
    • Tack and tools
    • Learning theory
    • Retraining
    • Nutrition and behaviour
  • Riding instruction - as safe as the BHS, as positive as reward-training, and as close to natural behaviour from real ethology studies
" We deliver robust technology and services that encourage ethologically sound management and
training practices, resulting in healthy and happy horses and customers "

Horse Logic is owned by Sharon Smith 

EBA(Accr.) BHSAPC MSc BSc(Hons) IEng

Director / Secretary and Course Provider: Equine Behaviour Affiliation
MSc (distinction)  - Applied Equine Science. Royal Agricultural University.  Inc. grassland management and equine nutrition

BSc (Hons) 1st Class  - Water and Environmental Management
British Horse Society  - Accredited Professional Coach
Former SEBC Examiner and author of QMS to ISO9001:2015 
Former process optimisation team leader, lead design engineer, team manager, NVQ Assessor/Verifier inc H&S and Environment
Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (Associate Member)
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Civil Engineer (HNC)  
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