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Yard Optimisation

No-one else does what we do.  Our services range from weighing horses to quality management systems...
If you could SAVE £800 per horse per year to reinvest in better performance, healthier horses and happier people - why wouldn't you?  That's what we calculated we could save on just the feed bill for one racehorse in training, compared with the manufacturers recommended ration...

There are specialists that can help with riding instruction or health and safety, for example, but could they also help you de-stress your horse when they aren't in training - or help you make the most of your pasture?    

We've experienced that 'silo thinking'.  Everyone focussed on their own specialisation and missing the bigger picture - leaving you to fill in the gaps.  We could make things slicker, easier, cheaper and better for yourself and the horses and people on the yard.  That's what we mean by 'optimisation'.


How can we help you? 

  • Equine research - supporting students using Define.
  • Scientific editorial for your equine business.
  • Courses and training for horse owners and businesses.
  • Horse weigh and body condition-scoring (Swindon area).
  • Pasture and environmental management advice
  • Nutrition review
  • Equine behaviour and welfare improvements
  • Riding instruction
  • Emergency and biosecurity planning
  • Asset optimisation
  • Quality management systems to ISO9001 standards
Are you an environmentally pro-active and ethical company? Confident your products and services truly benefit owners and promote welfare-friendly horse-management?  
We'd LOVE to help you help owners too!

Deliver robust technology and services that encourage ethologically sound management and training practices, resulting in healthy and happy horses and customers

Define - our flagship product

Electronic behaviour tracking device
'Define' is a completely new, patent-pending, electronic device that a horse wears 24/7.  
Horse owners get peace of mind and control over the information.  
Track behaviour changes for better health and training choices - before there's a crisis!  
Businesses can enhance services to customers/owners.

Prototypes are being used on horses now and, thanks to InnovateUK grant funding, we intend to launch this disruptor product late-Summer 2018!


Horse Logic is owned by Sharon Smith MSc BSc(Hons) IEng

MSc (distinction)  - Applied Equine Science. Royal Agricultural University.  Inc. grassland management and equine nutrition

BSc (Hons) 1st Class  - Water and Environmental Management
British Horse Society  - Accredited Professional Coach
Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants - Registered Consultant and former SEBC course examiner
ISO9001:2015 Certified SEBC quality management system, author and Quality Assurance Co-ordinator

Former process optimisation team leader, lead design engineer, team manager, NVQ Assessor/Verifier inc H&S and Environment
Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (Associate Member)
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Civil Engineer (HNC)  
.... and horse owner!
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