Horse Logic is owned by Sharon Smith MSc SEBC(Reg) IEng BHSAPC

We're developing ground-breaking technologies, like OPEN-Ration and Define,  to revolutionise the horse world.
What is OPEN-Ration?
Equine feed and exercise tracking website
Take the guesswork out of exercise tracking and nutrition.  Put in your own mix of feeds and supplements, and forage analysis results.  Use a pasture-first approach to feeding - for maximum cost savings.  

'OPEN' stands for 'Optimising Pasture for Equine Nutrition'. We think 'Optimising' is an important concept.... for cost, for your time and effort, for your individual horse and their individual management.    

What else is Horse Logic doing?
We're using Define to help with the latest equine research at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, and we provide consultancy services to businesses and horse owners.  Other tech initiatives are in development, so email to find out more!

Are you an environmentally pro-active and ethical company? Confident your products and services truly benefit owners and promote welfare-friendly horse-management?  
We'd LOVE to help you help owners too!

What is Define?
Poll-mounted electronic behaviour tracking device
'Define' is a completely new, patent-pending, electronic device that a horse wears 24/7.  Horse owners get peace of mind and control over the information.  Track behaviour changes for better health and training choices - before there's a crisis!  Businesses can enhance services to customers/owners.  Prototypes are being used on horses now and, thanks to InnovateUK grant funding, we intend to launch this disruptor product Summer 2018!

Deliver robust technology and services that encourage ethologically sound management and training practices, resulting in healthy and happy horses and customers

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Sharon Smith MSc Applied Equine Science, British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach, Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants (SEBC) Equine Behaviour Consultant and former Examiner, Incorporated Engineer, Associate of Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, BSc(Hons) 1st cl. Water and Environmental Management, NVQ A1 / v1 and L&D modules L12/16....
.... and horse owner!